More than 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and worldwide supply have led to a unique range of solid and versatile machines which are fully dedicated to pile driving and drilling. Fundex Equipment has access to the latest soft- and hardware to make the most efficient designs.


A worldwide well-known installation technique by using a diesel or hydraulic impact hammer to drive different types of piles. Among others, steel casings, cast in situ with closed casings and extraction, concrete and sheet piles can be driven in vertical and/or rake positions. The impact energy of the hammer makes it possible to drive piles in different types of soil.



Using a free fall piling winch casings are driven by using a top-driven or bottom-driven drop weight. With sectional casings bottom drive piling can be beneficial in areas where space and height are limited.



A method used to install small-diameter soil displacement piles used for ground improvement. The advantage is the fast installation method and high pile productivity per day. This type of application is mainly used to support floors in warehouses and business premises.