• Different application are possible and can be adapt on customer request
  • Complete integrated in FUNDEX machine control system
  • Color display with clear instructions and simulations
  • Custom build set-ups possible
  • Generated pile data can be automatically sent directly to the office
  • Online availability of real-time values and quality monitoring during installation
  • If connected to pile positioning system possibility for semi-automatic pile installation

Drilling Applications

Cast in situ drilled displacement

  • Full displacement piles
  • Full displacement with grout injection
  • Lost casings with grout injection
  • Anchor piles
  • Rigid inclusion ground improvement
  • Screw shaped displacement piles
  • Semi displacement piles

Auger piles

  • Continuous flight augers (CFA)
  • Auger cast in place (ACIP)

Double rotary

  • Cased CFA for secant walls

Soil mixing

  • Single / Double / Triple soil mixing

Rock drilling

  • Down the hole (DTH) drilling

Driven piles

Diesel/Hydraulic hammers

  • Wooden piles
  • Precast piles
  • Driving casings and profiles
  • Cast in situ driven piles Vibro/Vibrex

Vibratory hammers

  • Speed piling
  • Rigid inclusion ground improvement

other applications

  • Cutter soil mixing (CSM)
  • Other applications and custom build systems on request