• Adjusting and checking the equipment and processes, such as productivity, quality control, fuel consumption, maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Overview of the pile plan with positioning
  • Access to all documentation including manuals, parts books, schedules, instructions and service tickets
  • An online service assistance

MYRIX provides access to the following information

Machine operations

  • Instruction and parts books
  • Machine location with status
  • View current and stored machine parameters including: engine, hydraulic and pile production parameters
  • The ability to create time graphs by date and time from standard parameters for analysis
  • Compare production of the machinery so that it can be optimized

Pile Parameters

  • Input generated by Fundex measurement registration system FDA
  • Access to all current pile parameters for quality and production monitoring
  • Download of saved pile parameters for further processing
  • Create graphs of set pile parameters
  • Project information

Pile positioning data

  • Input generated by Pile Positioning System (PPS)
  • Overview of pile plan via Google – Maps
  • At a glance an overview of the piles that have already been made and which still need to be made
  • Instant access to the pile charts

Service and maintenance

  • Maintenance intervals with messages and history
  • Access to service tickets with the current status
  • Possibility to create maintenance tickets yourself for relevant matters on the machine
  • Linked online service for direct assistance and analysis from a service engineer