The brand and products of Fundex Equipment already got a reputation as of the late sixties when the first machines were manufactured and used on different job sites. At that time there were no suitable machines developed suitable for the high torque and cast in situ methods.

Fundex Equipment was part of a contracting company which carried out pile driving and drilling jobs all over the world. Apart from their home market which comprised the Netherlands and Belgium they carried out jobs in many parts of Europe and the Middle- and Far East. For that reason the first FUNDEX machine was produced in the late sixties. After collecting more information and experience the machines were sold worldwide for the coastal and civil market.

Continue developments and innovations have resulted in a modern line of machines like the F2500, F2800, F3500, F4800 and F5600. Every day the full team of Fundex Equipment are aiming to create new and innovative products and improvements which contribute to a higher efficiency of the foundation equipment.