Specifications of the FUNDEX FDE7TR

FDE7TR 800 l/min
1st gear with 800 l/min 3x 73 kNm / 17 rpm
2nd gear with 800 l/min 3x 32 kNm / 34 rpm
FDE7TR 1200 l/min
1st gear with 1200 l/min 3x 73 kNm / 27 rpm
2nd gear with 1200 l/min 3x 25 kNm / 55 rpm
Max. pull-up 60 ton
Max. pull-down 20 ton
Hollow shaft motor diameter 36 mm
Weight 8.000 kg

Optional items for the FUNDEX FDE7TR

  • can also be designed for double or quattro mixing
  • can be upgraded to 1200 l/min

applications suitable for the FUNDEX FDE7TR

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