Specifications of the FUNDEX F3500

  • 40 mtr Max. leader length
  • 35 mtr Max. drilling depth
  • 1.200 mm Max. drilling diameter
  • 500 kNm Max. drilling torque
  • 100 T Max. pull-up force
  • 50 T Max. pull-down force
  • 220 & 585 kW Engine
  • 74-79 T Transport weight
Max. leader length 40 mtr
Max. drilling depth 35 mtr
Max. drilling diameter 1.200 mm
Max. drilling torque 500 kNm
Max. pull-up force 100 T
Max. pull-down force 50 T
Engine 220 & 585 kW
Transport weight 74-79 T

Advantages of the FUNDEX F3500

  • the extension pieces of the leader are fed in from the bottom, which is beneficial in limited spaces
  • high stability thanks to both front and rear supports as well as a low centre of gravity
  • additional power pack with a 585 kW powerful Volvo engine
  • torque of 500 kNm along the entire leader length
  • man lift along the entire leader length
  • the ergonomic cabin with modern control and monitoring system can be swiveled out which provides an optimum view on the job

applications suitable for the FUNDEX F3500

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