The 3x 200 kW permanent magnet electric motors can be powered by a battery pack(s), if required in combination with AC power socket, generator set or future energy sources. With a maximum total flow of 1250 l/min the FPS can power both the machine functions and tool functions completely emission-free.

Weight 11.000 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.550 x 1.810 x 2.700 mm
Electric power input
Max. input 1 - 500 VAC (240 A) 200 kVA
Max. input 2 - 0 / 750 VDC (400 A) 240 kW
Max. input 3 - 0 / 750 VDC (400 A) 240 kW
Hydraulic power unit 3x 200 kW
Capacity hydraulic oil tank 2.000 liter
Main functions
Max. flow main output 1 0 - 800 l/min
Max. flow main output 2 0 - 450 l/min
Auxiliary functions
Max. flow aux. output 1 (max. 35 bar) 35 l/min
Max. flow aux. output 2 (max. 40 bar) 118 l/min
Control box (or via machine cabin) via Can-bus communication

Additional information FOR THE FUNDEX FPS803

  • zero emission electric/hydraulic power pack
  • perfect solution for retrofit
  • two separate hydraulic outputs
  • very quiet during operation
  • easy to adapt to a different application
  • can be powered by different power sources depending upon availability
  • power control by energy management system
  • Energy & Emission dashboard in MYRIX for fleet management

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